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Of, by and for winemakers, trade and trade press, and consumers, Carignan Renaissance is a movement to raise the grape's public recognition to a level equal to its importance as one of the world's top 10 wine grapes by volume.

A growing group of vignerons and winemakers, from Languedoc, Priorat, California have discovered in our omnipresent Carignan a vine of terroir, a cépage of character that when treated like nobility returns the flavor. Alone and carefully tended, the variety can give elegant, rich and flavorful wines. Blended, it brings freshness, balance and a desire to take another glass.

Carignan gives an answer to our search for a "vin d'ici" (a wine from here) in a merlot world.

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Carignan World Tasting (yes, it really happened)
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